🚀 We are pleased to announce that we have closed a pre-seed round led by
Decentralized, FRAX, DeeMoney & PIF at a valuation of $35mn! 🚀. Read More

Power the future of
‍cross-border payments

Uncollateralized lending offering real-time liquidity to cross-border payment providers, and attractive interest rates for lenders.

Invest in the future of international payments.

Our on-boarding checks ensure real-time liquidity for borrowers and investment-grade loans for lenders. Diversify your portfolio and earn attractive yields by lending to some of the biggest institutional CPPs, without locking in your capital.

Decentralized disruption.

We connect lenders and borrowers in the multi-trillion dollar cross-border payments ecosystem, solving liquidity and overcollaterization issues for CPPs. Through our LaaS platform, we are revolutionizing an industry that is ripe for disruption.

Powering cross-border exchange.

We leverage the power of DeFi and digital assets to offer Cross-Border Payment providers access to real-time liquidity, irrespective of holidays, weekends, or time zones. MoneySwitch empowers CPPs by freeing up working capital and greatly reducing costs.

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